The Gospel Of O’Reilly
February 7, 2011

I was originally going to write a long post refuting Bill O’Reilly’s claim that it requires more faith to be an atheist than not, but I decided not to. I’ve made that argument so many time that the thought of doing it again gives me the same feeling as the thought of doing my taxes. And whereas I’m required to do my taxes by law, I’m allowed to pass on knocking down dumb repetitions of ancient fallacies.

I will say this, though: I don’t get the attitude that compels people like O’Reilly to insist over and over again that they have less faith than the average atheist. Isn’t faith supposed to be an awesome, transformative thing? I’m not one of the faithful myself, but I still appreciate the concept. Obedience to the tenets of the Bible without it — or with a cheapened, diluted version of it — sounds like kind of a hollow experience to me.

But of course, true faith is difficult. The people I know who have true faith and are honest with themselves about it haven’t defeated doubt: they’ve committed themselves to an endless struggle with it. I suppose that’s where grace comes from. If that were O’Reilly’s position — if he wrestled with his belief and approached the subject with thoughtfulness and humility — I would admire him. But evidently he’s decided that faith is too hard and uncertainty too scary to look straight in the eyes. Better to just be ignorant.

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An American Carol
August 16, 2008

Is Bill O’Reilly’s life really so small and miserable that his only happiness comes from stamping out the mirth of others? That’s the only explanation I can think of as to why he would participate in this horrible act of violence against laughter. Here’s the trailer:

Okay, so this movie is ideologically reprehensible (it straight-facedly blames liberals for 9/11). But that’s only one of many reasons to hate this movie. To explain just how awful it is, even when you ignore the fact that it exists simply to reaffirm the twisted worldview of deeply ill people like O’Reilly, let’s take a look at it’s fictional liberal counterpart: A Progressive Carol. In that movie, conservative pundit Will O’Smiley (get it?!) is visited by the ghosts of I.F. Stone, John Lennon and FDR, who teach him the true meaning of Earth Day.

Hey, whaddya know? That movie is terrible too. And not just normal terrible – it’s a veritable shitstain on the pants of modern cinema. But why?

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