Vegas, Baby
May 4, 2010

Thanks to everyone who’s voted for me in the DFA scholarship thing. If you haven’t yet, please consider doing so.

Also, I hope you’ll support my friends Jamelle Bouie and Sahar Massachi. I’ll admit I have selfish reasons for wanting them to be able to attend: I haven’t hung out with either of them in person more than once, so I’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to do again.

Their respective profiles are here and here.


My Friends Are Still Doing Cool Stuff
April 26, 2010

The great Spencer Ackerman is off at Guantanamo Bay for the next couple of weeks (voluntarily, I assure you), and once again he’s letting good FOTBs Jamelle Bouie and Dara Lind play in his sandbox. As usual, they’re doing good work which you should read religiously.

Check it out.

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