In some other dimension, Michelle Obama is saying something controversial
August 26, 2008

Via Atrios, FOX Correspondent Megyn Kelly (who the hell spells Megan with a “y”?) discovers, to everyone’s surprise, that replacing words with other words changes the meanings of sentences!

Kelly noted that during the speech Obama stated, “The world as it is just won’t do,” then Kelly said: “If you replace ‘world’ with ‘country’, you are back to the same debate, arguably, that you have been having about Michelle Obama’s feelings about the country. Did she give her critics any fodder with that comment?”

Wow. So now we’re debating controversial comments that Michelle Obama didn’t make but could have if she had said something else. That has to win some kind of award. And the best part is, anyone can do it! For example, in the same segment, Kelly quotes James Carville as saying:

“If this party has a message, it’s done a hell of a job hiding it tonight. I promise you that.”

Sounds relatively innocuous. But if you replace “this party” with “I, James Carville,” “message” with “underage hooker” and “hiding” with “dismembering,” then the statement becomes controversial and horrifying.

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