The Northern Lights are in my mind
July 30, 2008

Looks like Al Franken is the first Democratic challenger to use Ted Stevens against a recipient of his dirty money. Via OpenSecrets, here’s a list of candidates that the Northern Lights PAC donated money to. So far, looks like McConnell, Smith, Collins, Dole, Johanns and Sununu have all dumped their contributions.

Two notable names on the list who, to my knowledge, haven’t gotten rid of the money: John McCain and Don Young. Don Young, of course, has his own extensive corruption issues, and was both the only House member to receive Stevens’ money and one of the lucky $10,000 jackpot winners, which is the maximum amount the PAC gave to anyone.

As for McCain, supposedly Stevens’ indictment is supposed to draw attention to how squeaky clean he is – but he’s got $5,000 from the PAC sitting in his warchest, and a presidential campaign staffed by corporate lobbyists. Maybe Obama (or Obama surrogates, anyway) should consider following Franken’s lead here.

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